For the love of climbing. We want to inspire you to #climbbeyond – go past your limits & live new adventures. Hand made in the UK, our products support climbers and adventure chasers around the world loving life outdoors, busy crafting their campfire stories.

The Wonder Years…
Growing up, it was a love of movies and a curiosity to explore that led us into climbing. We kind of always thought life was going to be like the movies. We learnt early on from The Goonies that we could find mini epic adventures on our doorstep and hoped to find lost treasure like Indiana Jones, getting away from the bad guys, and saving the planet.

So we got into climbing, obviously, as a way to increase our skills in finding this lost treasure, explore the world and hopefully saving it along the way. We soon realised though that there weren’t any bad guys we needed to get away from but by this point we were so psyched to be climbing we couldn’t stop now.

We’ve not found any lost treasure yet though, but there’s still time.

We explored our back yard and as we got older our ‘yard’ started to get bigger so we got into climbing to explore further, faster and to see the view from the top. Climbing came into our life from our love for adventure, and now we would say that adventures come into our life from our love for climbing.

Climbing beyond…
Just like all sports only a lucky few are born with the perfect genes to match their passion. We didn’t, but this has never bothered us. We’ve never accepted the limits of our climbing ability; we continually push to ‘climb beyond’. To go beyond what we expect of ourselves and what’s expected of us – we ignore those who believe we can’t do something and just carry on enjoying our day.

Every adventurer needs some gear…
It’s not just about form and function anymore, this should come as standard. We’re more interested in how our products make you feel and what they might inspire you to achieve. The same way that we plan our adventures, we take a lot of time to create products we’re happy with. A mixing pot of our imagination, climbing heart and spirit gets poured into everything we do.

A little obsessive about textiles (there’s sustainable fabric made from nettles now, did you know?) and colour (our box of Crayola with its atomic tangerine, fuzzy wuzzy, and ultra green has a lot to answer for) – we want to produce the best products we can in the right way whilst making you stand out beautifully against the rock or the sea of khaki at the pub.

Made the right way, our products will last. We know that happy feeling when you find your new favourite. You don’t know how you ever went on a trip without it.  And we know the pain that’s caused when it isn’t there anymore.

It’s important to us that our products are going to be around for a long time, hopefully even a lifetime. Wouldn’t that be ace if you didn’t have to keep looking for new gear using up more resources all the time and you’d had it so long that it had its own stories to tell? We know our t-shirts retirement to DIY duties isn’t coming around anytime soon. That’s why we like to manufacture in the UK where we are based, so we can keep a super beady eye on production!

Saving the planet…
With every product we make we’re continually reducing our waste and impact from manufacture to climber and working with ethical suppliers. Our t-shirts are made under the Fair Wear Foundation and our tags are 100% recycled card printed with soya based inks.  We love finding new ways to do it better and cleaner. Whether outdoors on the rock or busy in the cutting room figuring how to realise the idea we just had into a new product – we love the challenges we face.


Thanks for coming to see us and maybe we’ll be climbing with you on a boulder somewhere in the future, be sure to come say hi and share your tales of adventure with us, we’d love to hear where you’ve been crushing.


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