Up in the clouds

Trad climbing at Stanage last weekend we were treated to a Peak cloud inversion. We’ve only ever seen two of these in our lifetime of climbing so far in the area and what a treat it was that day. Walking up to Plantation in the morning we thought we might have to...

Womens Climbing Symposium 2015

“After a great welcome from the Women’s Climbing Symposium team with Shauna Coxsey and Emma Flaherty leading the event, we were all then introduced to Catherine Destivelle!”

Joining the Pitch team

“Joining the Pitch team is very exciting for me as I will be part of a group who share the same passion for climbing as I do…”

Forest Rock Boulders!

“It’s amazing when you realise you’ve got a few hours free in the afternoon and you can head out for a climb. Even better when you’re going to somewhere you’ve not been before and everything will be new and shiny.”

Llanberis Slate, Goats & Bouldering

“Located about a 10 minute drive from Llanberis, ideally situated for access to as much trad, sport and North Wales bouldering as you like”

Telegraph Outdoor Show 2015

“The show seems to get bigger every year. We will definitely be heading there for 2016!…”

2015. What a year already!

“2015. What a year already! A short post inbetween updating many new web pages with content and some climbing….”

Hueco Tanks Bouldering

“Team climbers Tom and Michelle Greenall headed out to Texas in November for 3 weeks to get some Hueco Tanks blocs!”

Rocklands Bouldering, South Africa

“Rocklands, South Africa. We (Tom & Michelle) are currently sat by the fire at the end of a relaxing rest day in the Cederberg Mountains…”

Rocklands & Marriage

“The past couple of months have definitely been a little mixed. My personal climbing has sadly had to take a place on the backbench following…”

Power of the Darkside

Where as others saw Bank Quarry a place to get up to no good, local hero James Pearson saw potential and opened two brilliant routes along a Star Wars theme. The first was the Power of the Darkside (E8 6b) and the second Return of the Jedi (HXS 7a) both towering arêtes of immaculate “Milstone” rock.

Swimming with Mermaids

“In between the rain and snow I have managed to get out on the grit a few times. That’s the beauty of living near the Peak, you can pop out for a few hours here and there when there is a break in the weather.”

CWIF 2013

“They would be qualifying on the same blocs as the likes of Shauna Coxsey, Jakob Schubert, and our very own Pirie Forrest! It was a level playing field and everything was to play for as they started climbing on Saturday morning.”

Snowballing Bouldering

Mich and me have both been very specific and strategic about working areas of our climbing and in recent weeks it has really been paying off. We still have another 4 months to go so shouldn’t really be peaking yet but took this past few weeks with a break in the weather to get out of the gym and enjoy some amazing days in the Peak.

Albarracin Bouldering

“This was my third trip to one of my favourite places to boulder in the world so have decided to let Tom give you a new-comers perspective on the magnificent sandstone roofs of Albarracin, Spain.”

Grit stone outing

A few shots of what we got up to below. Of course we went and looked at a few classics along the way, and happily took a few ticks in the book back home with us Jack nicely finished up Banana Finger, Font 6a and Attitude Inspector, Font 7a
#Psyched for GRIT season! Looking at Blind Date, Font 7b+

Climbing Works Youth Climbing Festival

The YCF ethos reflects our own very much in that it’s about having fun with your mates when climbing, yes there will always be a bit of competition – but it’s important to remember that that’s not the most important element.

Deliverance – The Journey

The wind charged noisily in the trees… The air still damp from the recent showers… Sunshine fighting its way through the clouds in a futile battle against the rain… The muffled voices of others… only a few meters away, but they may as well have been miles.

British Bouldering Championships Cliffhanger 2012

And what a weekend for climbing!! Must say problem 3 for the womens final was by far our favourite – super stylish moves from Coxsey, Crane, and Puccio on that one! And the boys problem 2 wasn’t much easier either – with large volumes and maybe a button or two to smear on, not much hanging around on that!

Welcome to the Country!

“It has only been a week since we made it back from our bank holiday climbing trip to Northumberland and yet we can still feel the tightness in our muscles and the tiredness of our minds. This is a sign of a great few days climbing.”

Training the Monkey

“days of the old school “Masterclass” are fading away and there is now a whole new breed of people out there delivering great sessions…”

Chironico, Switzerland – Last Day Sends

Check out how they got on on the last climbing day of the trip – its perseverance that was the key to these guys ticking off their dreams Starring: Pitch Climbing team members - Tom Greenall & Michelle Forrest, and Trevor Pilley, and Julie-Ann Lambert Click here...

Chocolate & Dreams

“It’s only been a few days since we made the long drive of 20 hours back from Switzerland to the surprisingly sunny UK (although looking out the window now that seems to have changed) and we both have the holiday blues”

Matt went to get his Deliverance…

Success is the achievement of a task or goal when looked upon by an individual, but does the term have to maintain such rigid borders and prefixes. Does the term success have a flexibility to allow interpretation??.

Lots to do, even in the rain

“The weather here in Ticino has been very mixed the past few days. The first few session out in the woods of Chironico were a great introduction to the place, revealing some hidden gems both technical and burly. Our optimism for the good weather holding was short lived as this mounatinous regin showed us what its like when the heavens open here.”

Fontainebleau First

Font, well what can I say? I’ve never been before and was reluctant to go, although I hear constantly how amazing it is and how it’s weird that I’ve never been to the so-called climbing MECCA of the world.

Crushing Swiss Style…

They’ve had a a couple of good play days at Chironico already and have been stacking the routes to get in as much as they can. Routes are looking sharp and crimpy but with a good top out for the most part.

Happy Springtime!

Well it’s sunny, it’s bright and it’s a lot lot warmer! Time to get outside more at last and climb some projects we think! Hopefully a few ticks in the book to come soon - Happy Climbing all!